Rebecca is a remarkable Pilates instructor. After 15+ years of enduring debilitating episodes of lower back pain, to the point of considering surgery, Rebecca has managed to transform my life in a mere 18 months. Utilizing her incredible attention to detail and her vast knowledge of Pilates and body mechanics, the personalized Pilates program she created began providing very notable pain relief within just 6-8 weeks. Within 6 months, my back pain flare-ups significantly reduced in frequency and severity, and she also helped me become self-aware of the triggers and the appropriate relief exercises. Today, I am now pain-free, and fitter and stronger than I have been for many years – and most importantly, I am back playing sports with my kids. I am eternally grateful to Rebecca for how she has helped transform my life. Thank you for your guidance, patience, sense of humor and friendship throughout this journey.

Scott Hadden

 I am so fortunate to have found Rebecca early in my Pilates experience.I started with a class per week but have built up to 3x a week for over 2 years now. My body has achieved a core strength I always strived to achieve but could not get with exercise weights, cardio and yoga alone. Rebecca is a natural at grasping and directing the Pilates concepts. Her seasoned guidance is very specific and irreplaceable to get the proper form and breath to achieve maximum results without injury. She leads her Pilates class in a focused sequence that builds on the previous movements while simultaneously preparing your body for the next.Simply stated, it’s truly incredible to experience Pilates with Rebecca; I have had the opportunity to work with a few substitutes and I always find myself looking forward to my next “Rebecca” classical pilates class!

Lisa Marie Battison

 I began working with Rebecca in June 2012.  My goal was to get in better shape by my birthday in January 2013 as it was one of those major birthdays.  I have achieved this goal and it is primarily due to Pilates as I have not changed my eating and did not add a lot of other activities.  After a couple of months of Pilates I began to notice that my lulu lemon pants were getting quite loose and actually falling off.  What a great excuse to go out and buy some new lulu lemon pants in a smaller size!  Then a month or two later I was trying on jackets at lulu lemon.  I have always wanted to wear their jackets but felt that they were always a bit to tight around my mid-section.  I was so surprised when not only was I able to comfortably wear a scuba hoodie but it was also in a size smaller than what I had previously felt was too tight! In addition, Rebecca is great to work with. She keeps it challenging and a lot of variety so that I do not get bored and I continue to see results.  I would highly recommend Pilates and also Rebecca to anyone.”

Gretchen May

“Rebecca was my personal Pilates instructor after surgery .  I was instructed by my surgeon to do core stability training following my lumbar microdisectomy surgery in April.  Rebecca helped me regain core strength with two one hour classes a week. Rebecca demonstrated a great deal of focus.  She kept me on track despite interruptions from surrounding noises which included my children. She would begin each session inquiring on my well-being, sensitive to the fact that I had just had surgery.  Her wealth of knowledge and experience allowed her to notice and change bad form into proper movement to ensure I was getting the most of my workout.   She assisted me with stretching and ensured I was receiving the proper neck support when needed.What I enjoyed most was that Rebecca made each class a little different and ensured that I was challenging myself and not taking short cuts in my workout. I am grateful to Rebecca for she skillfully trained me so that I could continue my exercise program without her and receive the benefits of Power Pilates for the rest of my life.”

Lori Andino

“Rebecca was instrumental in  making my transition through my 2nd pregnancy a breeze!  I truly believe her Pilates instruction was very effective in limiting my weight gain, as well as, getting right back to my ideal weight within 2 weeks of delivery!  Had it not been for my 2 to 3 times a week sessions with her expertise there’s no way my mid section and hips and thighs would have recovered that fast!  I also had easy recovery in the hospital which I attribute to a very strong core which Rebecca has extensive knowledge of.  Pilates has given me a stronger, leaner, more lengthened body in my forties than when I was in my twenties.  Thank you Rebecca!  I’m forever grateful!”

Megan Lavinia