virtual Pilates

Pilates from the convenience of your own home


Do you want to practice Pilates from your own home? Well since you cannot go to a studio or gym right now, this is the next best thing! Virtual Pilates is different from watching a pre-recorded video or even a live stream workout because I can see you! I use Zoom which allows me to take you through a workout that is created for you. All you need is some space to set up a mat or a towel, some good lighting and a willing mind and body. You are in the right place! I will help you get the most out of your Pilates workouts and give you the progressions you need to get you stronger, more flexible and have more stamina. 


To register for a session, send me an email. You can schedule a session Monday- Friday from 8 am- 1 pm. New to Pilates? If so, I highly recommend a Private session to cover the basic principles. See Services page for my prices.



What do I need?  You will need a mat or a towel.  You can use a Yoga mat, although I would suggest using 2 or 3 if on a hard surface like tile or wood. If you will be on carpet, then one Yoga mat is fine. Pilates mat or one that is 10 mm thick is preferable

How do I get into a class?  All of my classes will be streamed via zoom   The day before you class, I will send you a link to the zoom meeting. Please login to the class 15 minutes ahead of time, so you have time to check your video angle, sound, etc.

· Have questions? Send an email to

· We will be incorporating props in some of our virtual classes. To order props please look at our recommendations below or just use your imagination and find things around the house.


If you don’t have any small props at home. No worries. All of my classes can be done using your own body weight. If you want to purchase the small props I incorporate, below are some I recommend:

· Pilates mat

· Pilates Ball

· Magic Circle

· Resistance Bands

· Hand weights